Website Design for NGOs & Charities Industry

Charities, non-profits and NGOs (Non Government Organisations) play a vital role in the world we live in. At Infinity Technologies, we understand the importance of budgeting donation dollars wisely and responsibly, but we also appreciate that a modern website design is integral to the online presence and reputation of your organisation.

With this in mind, our range of Open Source CMS based website design solutions for charities, non-profits and NGOs aim to deliver cost-effective ways that provide maximum capabilities to communicate with your audience and build your online following. Our non-profit expertise puts us in the best position to advise your organisation on value-adding through a focused online strategy and we are passionate about achieving results - especially for a good cause.

Our clients in this industry:

Features of our CMS Solutions for Charities, Non-Profits and NGOs

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Discounted rates for charities, non-profits and NGOs.
  • Fully customised website design needs and business requirements, our range of open-source CMS solutions is user-friendly so your staff can regularly update the content of your organisation' s website with a simple backend editor.
  • Take online donations through your website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Enjoy the benefits of SEO to ensure your organisation is highly visible in search engine rankings.
  • Expert advice for social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Comprehensive user training to equip staff with the skills to take ownership of the website.
  • An open-source CMS means that there is no need to pay license fees. Proprietary (in-house) CMS platforms often lock you into a one vendor solution with minimum flexibility.

Website Design Case Studies

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