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Buying fashion online from eCommerce stores has become the largest online category with computers now in second place. Current statistics also show that still only 9% of all fashion apparel is bought online. It is predicted that by 2018 that online purchases of fashion apparel will be 35% of all sales.

Almost every day we hear of bricks and mortar fashion store chains closing down. Based upon current trends for online ecommerce, by 2018 one in every three bricks and mortar stores will be closed.

There is a solution to stop being a statistic and part of this disruption to business as usual. That is to create a store online as an addition to your traditional channel. With current eCommerce growth rates of over 10% for the foreseeable future there is still an opportunity to be part of this significant trend.

Here are some of our clients in this industry:

Start-ups are also challenging current retail business models with private membership models part of that change.

So rather than putting your head in the sand and ignoring the inevitable you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself at a fraction of the cost of taking out a lease and funding a fit-out.  

To compete online requires:

  • Creating a compelling web design
  • Building the website with a robust CMS web development platform such as Magento
  • Marketing the online store with digital marketing strategies

The skills needed include design skills, technical expertise to build a robust platform and marketing so that your customers will discover your store and experience online shopping that is intuitive and easy.

Once it is built the attitude of “then they will come” will not cut it. After launching it will require promotion such as email, Google Adwords, optimizing for search and social media to amplify the sharing of your brand online.  

The emergence of mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets is also making a reality the capability of commerce “anytime, anywhere” also known as “omni commerce” and “multi-channel retail.

Research shows that tablet users purchase more often and also at a higher average sale point, so building with mobile in mind is increasingly important.

So need some help to take your fashion store online? Infinity has helped some of the large fashion brands succeed in a digital economy.

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