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Since the time smart phones have entered the market there has been a huge visible shift in people's purchasing power which has created a momentum for high end multimedia gadgets and mobile phones. This in turn obviously changed the way people interact and hunt for information today. Consequentially, web browsing through handhelds has seen a steep rise in the past and is also expected to grow steadily in the coming years.

A cell phone today is less used for making calls than it's used for web surfing and other application based usages. With iOS and Android being the major players to capture the smart phone market the competition to stay better is cut throat and so it is with data plans from the service providers. Hence, there are innumerable apps enveloping every aspect of our daily life and to make every service available at your fingertips.

More and more businesses in Hong Kong are now planning to get into the mobile website and app zone to grow and grasp this massive consumer base. It is necessary to design an easy and efficient interface of the app or website to provide your target customer a gratifying experience on the first visit which is key to ensure a second view and eventually high traffic. To achieve this you need to exercise innovative measures in the design and development of the mobile webpage to remain impressive and cater to your customer in an exactly suitable manner.

We at Infinity Technologies, keep in mind every customer from a small handset user to a tablet PC user while developing the mobile app by restructuring and consolidating every webpage into it for easy and fluid navigation without compromising on the relevance and volume of required information.

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iPhone Website Design and iPhone App development

iPhone Website Design & iPhone Application Development

Among all the smart phones available in the market today iPhone still holds a cult status. With every new launch it creates a buzz in the mobile application market. All an iPhone user wants is an app rich in features and functionality. Hence to retain him you must ensure he gets maximum output from minimum input. Developing a website or designing an app for iPhone is not just about reducing size and removing images rather is a sincere effort to make it a more dynamic and engaging experience for the consumer.

Since iOS is one of the latest and most upgraded operating system you can make the best of it by building several intriguing features in the website or app that will make the browsing richer and fuller. For this you have at your disposal multiple new web technologies like CSS, XHTML, Flash, Java Scripting which can come to your advantage.

  • GammonGammon A leading construction company in Southeast Asia for over 50 years. Infinity has developed an iPhone application for their repair and maintenance department.
  • Pure Pure A company with Retail, Fitness and Dinning businesses. Infinity has developed an iPhone application for their restaurants section.
  • BCTHKBCTHK A financial company and a leading provider of premier pension and trust services. Infinity has developed an iPhone application for Trust services.
  • OlympusOlympus A leading manufacturers of optical and digital products. Infinity has developed an iPad application for their medical services.

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