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Information Architecture and User Experience

Information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) are two very important factors in creating and maintaining top of the class digital products.

If your website is content heavy and needs to keep archives of old articles, news, downloads, or other forms of media, the website needs to be designed in such a way that allows the user to easily find the information they need with a firm degree of intuition. Think of it as the difference between a traditional library and a modern library. A traditional one will require you to type your query into a computer, then you have to find a match, take down the call number and more often than not, go to find the resource amongst the sea of literature.

Modern Library

  • With your own or the library’s electronic reading tablets, you can download the resource you need to read within seconds and the literature is available at your disposal almost immediately.

Traditional Library

  • Type your query into a computer
  • Find a match
  • Take down the call number and more often than not
  • Find the resource amongst the sea of literature

Just think of how much easier it is for the user, and the experience it creates for them. With the same degree of thought put into design of your website, this is how to continually and simplistically engage new and existing users.

For large complex websites, part of our service after the scoping stage is to draw the blueprints that will form the foundation of the website and ensure that everything that is built on top of that rests on a solid framework.

To see an example of the importance of information architecture and its effect on user experience, check out the MSF Australia website

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