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On behalf of the WHBU, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by the team Infinity especially with the short timelines.

The endless hours that you have spent working on this project, and the professionalism that you have shown has impressed the entire project team immensely. It is with great relief and happiness that the project was done before the deadline.

- William Wong, Manager, Wholesale Business Unit

Infinity Technologies is a good partner for a good cooperation.

We found a web agency, like Infinity, able to guide us on building an happy, colorful and clean website. Great content control by our Company and attractive design are also part of our satisfaction.

As a flexible and reactive Company we are grateful to Infinity Technologies (Jonathan and Ellan) to drive us through the available options and achieve our goals. Thanks also to be so cooperative, helpful and full of patience. We are pleased of the partnership and results achieved.

-Umberto Rosa - Goodmark

We worked with Infinity Technologies when we started the entire branding initiative for our business. Infinity Technologies obtained a very good understanding of what our business did and how we wanted our site to look. Just want to say a big thank you for redesigning our website. They have turned a boring old sit into a cutting edge, smart, attention grabbing site. We have been impressed by how quickly have responded to all of my wishes and comments. We’ d be happy to recommend your company to others.

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Many thanks for the great website you’ve put together for Dorshare.

So many positive comments about it already. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with infinity on this project, and I’ve appreciated your ideas, you ability to immediately put my ideas to “paper” – Training was easy and the website runs itself now. Thank you!

-Simon Van Damme - WindowsOfAsia

As website project manager at Munchkin Asia Ltd, I take the pleasure of recommending Matthew Lai and his Team in your company. I have worked closely with Matthew almost 1 year and have been highly impressed with his work.

As a project Manager, Matthew and his team member have worked on website design of Munchkin Asia Ltd. His knowledge in the domain is exceptionally good. Every time he has impressed us with the perfection with which he has completed the task given to him. He has the ability of meeting deadlines. His interpersonal skills make him an excellent team member. He has worked closely with me and has been instrumental in successfully completing projects. Although his attention to detail sometimes delayed certain decision being taken on time, his decisions have always made a good idea.

I enjoyed working with Matthew and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation. I have great respect for him as an individual and as a professional and am confident that he will continue to exhibit positive performance in the workplace.

- Keith Szeto Sr. I.T. Support Specialist

The best part working with Infinity Technologies on our website revamp project is that right out of the gate, they did a lot of research on the business nature of our industry and provided us with some valuable insights about the newest trend in web design and what our suppliers, customers, collaborators and stakeholders are looking for when they come visit our website.

- Carol Hong, Senior Marketing Officer - Willas­Array Electronics (Holdings) Limited

Work with Infinity Solutions gave me the chance to start up my business and set up my ecommerce website in Hong Kong. With Infinity Solutions, my business has improved with the discussion, and I've seen new opportunities for development and solutions for my current problems. From a personal point of view, Jonathan is almost a partner...part of my tech team. It's been a very enriching experience.

-Pequignot, Director -

I would like to express my great satisfaction in working with Guido Santo and Hikaro Ato and with the Infinity team in general.

The design process was excellent with numerous meetings that were both helpful and instructive. They helped us clarify our options and also guided us on what works and what does not work and also explained why, based on their own experience developing sites for institutions with similar goals to ours. They helped us select the colours, the size of the logos and also the plus and minuses of linking to social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Meetings were held regularly and developed from brainstorming sessions with lots of participants to smaller sessions targeted to address functionality issues and approval to page mock ups. Overall the design and consultation process was a pleasant and instructive experience and I would like to congratulate Hikaro for his input and professionalism.

The development process comprised many stages, due to the nature of our project and the interdependence with the Faculty of Medicine and the UNSW as a whole, it was necessary for Guido to liaise and solve a myriad of issues related to Drupal Modules developed by the Faculty of Medicine and the Kirby web site. Guido has been excellent in understanding our needs, managing the issues and finding solutions without compromising the original design and project despite the fact that some developments and infrastructure availability were not in place due to facts out of either Infinity or The Kirby Institute control. Guido has great people skills and liaise with both Kirby and the Faculty of Medicine with great professionalism and efficiency, making great efforts and understanding our requirements and our limitations and accommodating to whatever needed to be done to reach our goals. Guido is an excellent project manager and would recommend him as a web site project manager to others both internally at UNSW and externally.

-UNSW - The Kirby Institute

I just wanted to say thank you everything the infinity team have done for our newly revamped website.

The Joomla based site enables us to easily manage every little thing from word spacing to menu editing instantly, and that is just what we are exactly looking for. I would like to express my special thanks to our project manager – Steven Yip who is detail-oriented, very high efficient and highly reliable. All in all, it was a great experience to work with the team in the whole developing process and I would highly recommend them, as they are customer service oriented and trustworthy.

-Mabel Kam - Winnington Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

From the outset Infinity Technologies treated my web design project as if it where their own. Their team have taken great care to understand my business and in doing so have been able to translate my practical requirements and creative ideas into a website that has surpassed my expectations. Access to highly professional ongoing support has been a highlight experience and I would highly recommend Infinity Technologies to anyone embarking on a website project.

-Dominic Wells - Managing Director, Clearpoint Communications