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Multi-Channel eCommerce Solutions


Selling your products and services in the past was done through physical stores and offices.

The game has changed.

The social web and internet technologies now allow us to sell our products online. The bricks and mortar business is now enhanced by the synergy of multiple channels for sales and different platforms (smart phones, tablets and desktops).

The crowded web means that you need to be everywhere. This is where creating multiple digital distribution for your online stores is crucial. People also have different preferences for what they use to buy your products.

Never assume that people only want to buy from your online store. Put your product where they are comfortable and frequent.

Some love using eBay when browsing their tablet while watching TV. Others will be searching for products on Amazon on their iPhone while commuting to work.

You need to be offering a broad range of options to have the broadest audience reach. New technology and integration options are making the task of placing your products in numerous shopping portals easier and cost effective without breaking the bank.

The channels, market places and platforms you need to consider beyond your own ecommerce store are:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Westfield
  • GetPrice.com.au
  • Google shopping
  • Myshopping.com.au
  • Shopbot.com.au
  • Smart phones
    (Apple and Android)
  • Tablets
    (iPad and Android)

Each of these can lead to incremental sales that could make a dramatic difference to your profitability. This means you can fish where the fish are.

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