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Mobile Commerce

The smart phone and the tablet have burst onto the scene and are transforming the web landscape. We tend to forget that the tablet has been with us for less than 3 years (it was released on April 3, 2010). Not only is mobile changing the web, it is transforming our communication and buying habits.

Ever sat on the train or the bus and watched people? They are on their mobile devices, searching reading and yes…they are also buying.

Sometimes we need to see some raw data to remind us of the revolution happening globally. Here are some facts from the last 12 months:

  • PayPal’s mobile
    payments tripled
  • eBay’s mobile
    eCommerce volume
    reached $13 billion
  • PayPal’s total
    was $14 billion
  • Purchases on Amazon
    from mobiles are now
    80% of all sales

The CEO of eBay, John Donahoe said

left Mobile users tend to complete purchases more often than those browsing on desktop computers, and mobile garners a quarter of new customers, drawing a younger demographic to the site. right

To take advantage of this revolution and increase sales, websites need to be designed and developed with a “responsive design”. This is where the website will automatically resize according to which device it is being viewed on. This could mean that a HD widescreen that displays a 3 column layout will become 2 columns on a standard laptop display and only one when being read on a mobile phone.

So why should you redesign your website for mobile?

Increase sales

With more customers viewing while travelling and commuting or in front of the TV, it is important that you make it easy to buy. Don’t give them a chance to go and shop at your competitor's mobile optimised store.

Increase customer engagement

A site that is easier to read will make people spend more time on the site and engage with your content and share your articles, blog posts or images and videos. Engage first and sell second is a well known web mantra.

Make it viewer friendly

You can read a website on a mobile but it is small and a lot of finger work. Also the shopping cart functionality will be extremely difficult, if not, impossible to use.

Responsive and Mobile Website Showcase

So can you ignore mobile commerce any longer?

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